More Than One Patio Room?

patio rooms in Ridgeland, SC

Well, why not? Let’s stretch this out for a bit. But do note that it is not a stretch of the imagination to know that folks out there are enjoying multiple patio rooms in Ridgeland, SC. Well, yes, you might be right about that one. You’d have to have tenements as large as triple-storied mansions to have that many rooms. But not as many as old Virginia’s Orlando. You don’t remember? Anyway, a modest-sized home could possibly squeeze in an additional patio room.

A standard-sized three, four bedroomed home could possibly still squeeze in two more patio rooms. How is this possible then? Come, stretch your legs for a bit. Use your imagination, not lose your imagination. Consider the layout of the property, see which way the rooms are facing. Do they currently have window views all facing in the same direction? They do? Well, that’s good then, and there’s a good reason why that is so.

You see, the thing is, the property owners were quite lucky when they first bought the property. Or were they clever? Very good at picking and choosing. Or very good at listening. Here is what happened. Here is why all the rooms’ windows all face in the same direction. That’s the direction from which the sun rises in the morning. Can you imagine that? Blazing suns! That much sun in the morning!

And it is from this angle that all the rooms get to experience hours of daylight for most of the day. It’s no wonder these folks have no issues with mold and damp walls. But patio rooms? Well now. It turns out that part is easy too. It’s called room conversion. Now, what you do is this. You start knocking the walls downÂ…